Selah~Day 268

Valentine’s Day

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary is off work today.

2. Judah and I had a great night’s sleep.

3. Gary surprised me with a dozen pink roses. Pink is my favorite flower color.

4. Gary writes me the sweetest cards. I received one of those too.

5. Chocolate. Gary and Judah got be a boxed heart of chocolates. I think I ate 2 pieces. They ate the rest.

6. My niece, Abby, came over and spent the day with us. She is a funny little girl. She loves well. She is always super excited to see you and makes you aware of how special you are to her.

7. Judah had a playmate for the day.

8. We went and picked out 3 big trees for our back yard. Rony, who runs the nursery, gave us an unreal deal!

9. I went thinking that we would get 2 trees tops! But, the deal was so good, I got another tree too.

10. Gary’s parents let us borrow their truck to pick up the trees.

11. Austin, our builder, let us borrow his trailer to pick up the trees.

12. Mom Mom and Pa Pa invited Judah to stay at their house while we went back and picked up the trees. Judah got to play with more of his cousins and he was so happy.

13. Gary and I shared many laughs while trying to work together to get the trees out of the trailer. It was quite comical. I also learned that dirt, when compacted together, is HEAVY!

14. Spontaneous moments.

15. Judah was excited to spend the evening with Miss Molly. He always has such a fun time with the Gramling girls. I am so thankful for good, trustworthy babysitters.

16. Gary and I are preferred members at Saltgrass Steakhouse. So, it is a no brainer where we have Valentine’s Dinner. Once again, we got seated immediately and didn’t have to wait in the hour+ line. That card was worth the $25 hands down.

17. One of my former freshman English students is working at Saltgrass and recognized me. A young man changes a lot from freshman year to age 22. I am so thankful that he grew up! Ha Ha…he was such a class clown when in my class, but a great kid. Now, he is on medical leave from the Sheriff’s office. He fulfilled his dream of working in law enforcement.

18. Gary and I enjoyed great service, great food, and great conversation.

19. Traffic was crazy. I am so thankful for safe travels.

20. Gary is well-respected at his job.

21. Ideas.

22. The weather was enjoyable and warmer weather continues in our future.

23. Gary cares about my heart.

24. Conversations that lead to a mutual understanding.

25. We ended the wonderful day with a romantic comedy. Judah spent time snuggled up on both of our laps.

26. I am loved well.

27. Valentine’s Day.


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