Selah~Day 267…”X” Marks the Spot

One year, I bought Gary a metal detector for his birthday. He loves to find buried treasure. He is incredibly nostalgic and gets so excited when he discovers something from the past. Gary has even mentioned to me on several occasions that the coolest job in the world, next to fire fighting of course, would be treasure hunting. Think about it, Treasure Hunters scour the earth looking for treasure left behind from past civilizations. Sometimes, they discover the “X” and win their treasured prize. There is something very enticing about the actual “hunt for hidden treasure.”

BUT, 2 Corinthians 4:7 says, “We have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.” Think about it…the greatest treasure in all the universe lives on the inside of us! It is a treasure that I don’t think we will ever completely discover or discern. The fullness of God is so vast and immeasurable that we will never be able to completely “dig” it all out.

If Paul were a treasure map creator, he would have been a poor one. The first thing he tells us in this verse if where to find the treasure. He says…”the treasure is buried in us!” He not only tells us where it is, but he says, “we have it.” We have the right to possess and not give back this treasure that is found on the inside of us. Thankfully too, this treasure isn’t only reserved for the lucky one who finds it first, but rather, reserved for all who believe…”WE have this treasure.”

God chose to put His greatest treasure, the Holy Spirit, on the inside of us. Even though our earthly bodies are fragile and eventually die, God chose to deposit his greatest gift on the inside of us. And, we don’t need to scour the earth searching for it. It is on the inside of us. WE ARE THE “X.”

Thursday, February 13

My 27 Thanks:

1. God chose to place His greatest treasure in the secret chamber of my heart!

2. I am special and valuable to God.

3. As a believer, I possess the richest of treasures!

4. Judah and I had a great morning together. We both woke up rested.

5. Judah spent the first hour in my office relaxing. He just needed more time with his mommy. He sat quietly on my office couch and watched a movie.

6. Abby did a few math manipulatives with Judah and he did so well. Abby is a great teacher too.

7. Judah and Aaron, Pastor Marc’s little boy, are becoming great friends! I love watching them play together.

8. Mindy and JaQuisha make staff childcare fun for the kids.

9. Brandon, Kayla, Mark, and I had a great lunch together. It was fun to sit down to eat and visit.

10. Brandon paid!

11. We mapped out all the locations for the Easter Egg Hunts. It is going to be so much fun and a great blessing to our community.

12. Community. I love my community.

13. Outreach focus.

14. I spent the afternoon doing work outside.

15. The sun in shinning and Spring is on its way!

16. Abby has worked really hard on the small group training manuals for our elementary team.

17. I have a great assistant who is helping carry the load for Kidz Ministry while I work on a big future project.

18. My friend, Deborah, made it to the next round of Dental Hygiene admissions process. I am so proud of her!!!!!!

19. Someone thought that I was Abby today. We are often mistaken as sister. But, to be mistaken as actually her….BIG compliment.

20. Debby Torres loves well. She is so faithful to encourage her friends.

21. The world is a better place because Amy Hoover lives in it.

22. Judah and I had a lot of snuggle time tonight.

23. We watched my Big, Big Friend and laughed a lot. I love the giant, blue elephant, Goliath. He is so funny and it is really a cute show.

24. Judah’s laughter. He shrugs his shoulders and crinkles his nose when he laughs. And, he has my cheek dimples.

25. Daystar plays instrumental music and puts up scripture verses on their channel throughout the night. I love falling to sleep with that channel on…it fills my room with scripture and soft music.

26. Peace.

27. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and Gary is off work!


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