Selah~Day 269

Saturday, February 15

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah and I slept in.

2. I worked with Judah on writing his name. He is doing better and I am having fun working with him on this great task.

3. Preschool teachers. They are special.

4. Patience.

5. Judah likes to learn. But, he likes rewards more.

6. God loves to reward His kids too.

7. I am so thankful that we named Judah…Judah. There were times that I concerned myself with the thought, “Will I be upset with my child’s name after some time?” No! I love his name.

8. We enjoyed lunch at Pei Wei with my parents.

9. My mom and I enjoyed a fun afternoon of shopping. I enjoy times of fun with my mom.

10. Judah was so well-behaved and even wanted to stay in the cart.

11. We got some great deals.

12. Comet, my sister’s dog, loves Judah. Judah held him in the car and kept him from yelping loudly in our inclosed space!

13. I love the convenience of my town. I grew up in the country and we had to drive for MILES to go anywhere. I love convenience. My brothers would disagree with me. They think town life is the worst ever. Ha Ha Ha.

14. Beautiful weather.

15. Judah and I met our new neighbors. They seem really nice. Now, we only have two more empty homes on our street. I like having neighbors.

16. I went to Crest on a Saturday by myself and I didn’t get anxious with the crowd and long lines.

17. Gage and Kolt came over to play with Judah. Judah was excited to see them.

18. Kyle and Meg got to have some time alone while Gage and Kolt stayed with us.

19. My brother told Gary that he was so glad to have Gary in our family. That statement meant a lot to Gary.

20. Gary is having an awesome shift and is really enjoying his new assignment.

21. My husband loves his job and even if he didn’t he would find ways to see the “glass half-full.”

22. Abby brought her English bulldog puppy, Oliver, over to play. He was a hit with the boys and oh so cute. We may have to get Judah a small dog!

23. Abby brought me a training manual for review before our big training tomorrow morning. The manuals look great!

24. The Word of God is powerful.

25. Jesus used the Word to defeat the devil too.

26. Today is my friend’s birthday. Lori Rowin is definitely a person to celebrate! She is dependable, kind, quirky (she wears fleece in August), willing to do act goofy for preschoolers, and a hard worker committed to building the kingdom of God.

27. Lori is on my team!


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