Selah~Day 270

Sunday, February 16th

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary made it home early from the station. It makes our morning routine so much easier when he is home to help.

2. It’s already warmer outside.

3. My dad helped Gary move our 3 trees into their spots.

4. We had a busy morning and still made it to church on time.

5. The new Kids Check-In area looks awesome. The team loved it.

6. We have an amazing church facility. We are so blessed.

7. Peaceful mornings.

8. Robots, Inc. continues to be a big hit. Kids are loving this series.

9. Our take home devos for this series are striking it big with parents. And, a large number of kids are returning them completed.

10. We had an awesome training session with our small group leaders. We are empowering to lead small.

11. My team is on the same page.

12. They love to lead together.

13. Gary and I had time after our training meeting to run home and plant a few trees.

14. Judah and I played on the swing set and watched Gary plant trees:)

15. I have trees in my backyard. I am so excited to watch them grow!

16. I have a big backyard and I live in a neighborhood.

17. After a year off, I approached the stage and did the Guest Welcome segment in Big church.

18. I did it afraid.

19. I have not been given a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.

20. My team members support me well.

21. Pastor Tami encouraged me with sweet words.

22. Pastor Ted’s message on Dreaming Again was timely and had many tweetable comments! But, I didn’t tweet them because I didn’t want to be on my phone during service.

23. My friend sent me a card in the mail. Her words were in the form of a prayer claiming that I too would dream again in some areas of my life. Her words were like honey to my soul.

24. We enjoyed a late night dinner with the Hoovers. It is always nice to catch up with them and share stories and watch our boys talk with each other.

25. I am learning to trust more even when I don’t understand.

26. Progress.

27. Gary and I enjoyed an hour sitting alone together talking.


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