Selah~Day 271

Monday, February 17

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary chose to work out later in the day and spend the morning with me while I got ready for work.

2. My nephew, Kaden, is celebrating a birthday today. Kaden is the oldest of the Hendrickson grandkids. What a blessing he is to our family!

3. Kaden is so respectful, loving, well-mannered, and a great kid.

4. My brother-in-law, Nate, is coming home soon. He has been away for a year tour of duty with the Air Force. But, he will be home at the end of this month.

5. My father-in-law is feeling so much better. The pain from his wrist surgery is finally subsiding.

6. Judah had another great day at school.

7. After school, the twins came over to play with Judah on his swing set and in the dirt pile. I don’t know if they had more fun on the swing set or in the dirt!

8. Eric, my Brother-in-law, helped Gary plant our last tree. The trees are bare, but still look so good in my yard!

9. Warm weather.

10. My friend, Debby, surprised me with a basket full of gala apples. It was a super sweet (no pun intended) surprise. I love apples.

11. Acts of Love.

12. I have received some very sweet cards of condolences in the mail. A hand-written card is such a treasure. They show another level of care and I hope that kind gestures never completely ends.

13. Angela Lewis and I shared some great conversation today. She has such a sweet, tender heart. And, she loves people and her church.

14. My kidmin directors met today and had an awesome conference call with the specialist representing a new curriculum that we will implement soon in kidz ministry.

15. I have a wonderful team of directors in kidz ministry.

16. There is wisdom in a multitude of counsel.

17. The brick layers finally came back to my house today and fixed the outside brick and our fireplace!

18. Gary and I worked together to clean up our floors. Because of all the dry grass we had tracked in, I didn’t know if I had wood floors or grass floors.

19. I got our laundry completely caught up. Completely! Well, until tomorrow, then it will pile again.

20. Gary and I got to watch “When Calls the Heart” together. I had recorded it from the weekend and Gary knows how much I enjoy that show and he wanted to watch it with me.

21. The Life of Paul the Apostle.

22. Paul was small in stature, but mighty in the Spirit. His example to us is powerful.

23. He was a “Holy Terror” against the devil. No matter how weak we feel, we can be “Holy Terrors” too.

24. I can put on the armor of God.

25. When you are clothed in the armor of God, you can win the victory every time.

26. Today was a great day, but tomorrow is going to be even better.

27. Hope.


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