Selah~Day 274

Wednesday, February 19

My 27 Thanks:

1. I wake up every morning to a sweet little boy who calls me “mommy.”

2. Judah loves to snuggle. He is still mommy’s little boy.

3. Gary got to enjoy a day free from a lot of to-dos.

4. I had a most enjoyable, long overdue lunch with my friend Debby.

5. Healthy friendships.

6. Transparency.

7. Honest conversation.

8. Abby and I have fun working together.

9. Starla has done a great job organizing seeking sitters for our event. I am glad both parties are flexible.

10. Teamwork.

11. Oakcrest Church of Christ gave me a tour of their facility. They are a sweet staff.

12. My SIL, Laura, has been an amazing help with a current project I am working on.

13. Self-Control.

14. Opportunities to walk in love with people.

15. A soft answer always turns away wrath.

16. I have always had an easy time offering forgiveness. I know that I want to be forgiven, so I chose to forgive others easily too.

17. I love the song, “Let it Go.” It is my current theme song and just flies right off the tongue and fits most situations…ha ha ha.

18. Judah got in a quick nap before Wednesday night church. Naps always make the drive home from church more peaceful.

19. Flexibility.

20. Adaptability.

21. Understanding when there has been miscommunication.

22. Dreams.

23. Vision. I can see years down the road.

24. Possibilities are endless.

25. Church was fun and smooth.

26. The best kids in the world go to church at Crossroads.

27. I get to do ministry with people I love.


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