Selah~Day 276

Friday, February 21

My 27 Thanks:

1. We were all off work together today.

2. We enjoyed a most relaxing morning.

3. Our house is clean.

4. I got out my spring decor. I love this time of year.  I had fun setting it back up in my home. It’s like sunshine all the time on the inside too.

5. God uses interesting, creative ways to showcase His power and ability.

6. The Old Testament.

7. Strategy.

8. The Holy Spirit gives us strategy that is superior to any other!

9. The battle of Jericho was interesting, unique strategy…but, they trusted God and look what happened!

10. Worship comes before the battle is won.

11. God operates on a level that is higher than us.

12. My friend, Deborah, had a great interview for dental hygiene school.

13. Gary and I got much accomplished today.

14. We finally hauled off an old, broken fridge. I am so thankful for free dump sites.

15. I was able to bless someone with my Grandma’s clothes.

16. Gary, Judah, and I enjoyed a quick-lunch at Panera. Judah loves Panera too. He likes all of my favorite places.

17. Judah gave me sweet kisses. He still doesn’t mind kissing me in public!

18. The admin team made Standing Ovations, A Night to Honor those who Serve, beautiful.

19. We have hundreds of awesome servant leaders at Crossroads Church.

20. The food was amazing and the leaders loved the door prizes.

21. The people felt really honored.

22. I got several compliments on my hair. People are not used to seeing me with my hair down. I am usually rocking a pony tail and jeans and a t-shirt for kids service.

23. John Stimson is on my team. He makes us all laugh.

24. We had a great time washing hundreds of dishes…we worked together as a team.

25. Many hands make quick work.

26. Judah helped me tell his bedtime story tonight. I love his sweet imagination.

27. Rest.


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