Selah~Day 275

Thursday, February 20

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah spent an hour hanging out with me in my office.

2. Judah loves to laugh.

3. Judah and Abby have so much fun together. Abby loves to use her teaching tools on Judah and I love to watch and learn.

4. Abby has brought great skill to our kidmin team.

5. Judah is really enjoying playing with his new buddies Aaron and Olivia.

6. I am a life-long learner.

7. Things work together for good.

8. Love.

9. Joy.

10. Peace.

11. Patience.

12. Kindness.

13. Gentleness.

14. Faithfulness.

15. Self-Control.

16. Goodness.

17. We have opportunities everyday to use the fruit of the Spirit. The fruit is just as important, if not more important than the gifts.

18. My in-laws were more than happy to keep Judah for me while I made a presentation at the board meeting.

19. Judah LOVES going to his mom mom and papa’s house.

20. My in-laws live less than a mile from me.

21. I was invited to share vision on a project at the board meeting.

22. They were excited about it.

23. Pastor told me “good job.” It is nice to be appreciated for hard work.

24. Gary is really enjoying his new assignment at work. He is working so hard to catch on.

25. Gary has never shied away from hard work.

26. My weekend starts tomorrow!

27. Weekends…rest is truly from God. He rested too.


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