Selah~Day 277

Saturday, February 22

My 27 Thanks:

1. My parents are here for another weekend visit.

2. We all worked together to clean out my grandma’s house.

3. Compared to others, Gary and I live a pretty simple, clutter free life. I am so thankful that I don’t have a ton of stuff.

4. I was able to bless someone with my grandma’s clothes.

5. The person LOVED them. They were the perfect fit and style for her.

6. Judah was such a big help. He spent most of the beautiful day inside a home while I worked.

7. My mom and I worked together. It was nice to roll up my sleeves and work beside her. We kept saying…”just look at one thing at a time.”

8. We got the kitchen and one bedroom packed up!

9. Salvation Army.

10. The Salvation Army does personal pick-up.

11. Many family members stopped by and picked up special items from my grandma’s house. It is sweet to see what people choose as their “memento” to remember my grandma.

12. My dad bought us all lunch.

13. I have enjoyed this time with my parents.

14. Sweet memories.

15. It was an absolutely beautiful day.

16. Sunshine.

17. Gary and I are far from perfect, but we did make good decision in our past that have led us to a very enjoyable present.

18. Fear doesn’t have to be bigger than my Faith!

19. “What ifs” are NOT reality.

20. With Jesus, we can face any situation with promises and purpose!

21. The promises of God are yes and amen!

22. His Word doesn’t return void.

23. I am a Friend of God.

24. He makes all things new.

25. New, fresh opportunities.

26. Gary is learning more and more about his job.

27. I am laying down in a warm, comfortable bed tonight!


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