Selah~Day 278

Sunday, February 23

My 27 Thanks:

1. I was able to help a child work through a difficult situation this morning.
2. Mrs. Stella had waffle Sunday-the hallway smells amazing on waffle Sunday. Stella makes her class full of fun. She is a blessing to our team.
3. We had a great kids service.
4. My team is so much fun.
5. Judah wanted Pei Wei for lunch. How can one say no to that? So, we made a quick trip to Pei Wei. Judah ate his entire meal.
6. Power naps.
7. Gary and Jose practiced an acoustic set for Kidmin worship.
8. Kids worship.
9. We are celebrating two kids decisions to make public their faith in Jesus tonight. I am honored to be a part.
10. Abby and I dress alike. We found it quite funny that we both wore the EXACT same shirt to church tonight. We got a few looks.
11. Gunner and Abigail are two great kidmin kids who have a bright future ahead of them. I am so proud of their decisions tonight.
12. Crossroads Church has the sweetest ladies who faithfully help with water baptism.
13. Marc’s message was excellent and timely.
14. He passed out warm, chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate chip cookies are so good.
15. I love our church security team. They are so kind and caring, but also provide a great sense of security and care.
16. I have opportunities to speak into people’s lives.
17. I have opportunities to pray for the needs of others.
18. We are all many parts, but one body. Every part is important.
19. I am a part of a great body.
20. Gary and I enjoyed our show, When Calls the Heart,  together
21. Conversations with Judah are so fun and interesting.
22. Judah loves to color pictures for me.
23. He loves to use the color green because its my favorite.
24. God hasn’t forgotten me.
25. He knows my name.
26. He is Hope for the Hopeless.
27.  He is a Father to the Fatherless.

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