Selah~Day 279

Monday, February 24

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah still clings to my leg when I drop him off at school. I am going to cherish the moments that he would rather be with me than anywhere else.
2. My work allows me to drop off Judah at school even though it makes me a little late to work.
3. We launched our Announcement for the Jr. Academy coming this Fall.
4. People are really excited about it.
5. Christian Education.
6. Crossroads Church has amazing space for a school.
7. Progress.
8. Abby brought me lunch so I could keep working.
9. My mother in law picked Judah up from school for me.
10. I watched Judah play t-ball for a few minutes. He was so cute swinging the bat.
11. Judah’s hand/eye coordination is amazing.
12. He has so much energy for life.
13. Gary was presented with his Sergeant shield from Chief Woodard.
14. Chief Woodard has been such a blessing in our lives. We are so thankful for his encouragement and support.
15. I met all the guys at Gary’s new station. They seemed like a great group of guys…I wonder if they will be as wonderful as the guys at station 8Red.
16. Gary forgot to tell the guys about his peanut allergy! Thankfully, I thought to tell them. They were glad I did because they use a lot if peanut stuff for cooking and snacks! Men….
17. Gary is learning so many new things with the department. He loves to learn.
18. My in-laws came with me to the shield presentation. They have a reason to be so proud of all their kids…Great kids, Great parents.
19. Gary sent me a really sweet text thanking me for coming and supporting him.
20. Holly came over and decorated my house for spring and summer.
21. Opportunities to catch up with friends.
22. God has blessed Gary and I with a most wonderful home.
23. Bedtime prayers and stories.
24.  Inwardly, I am so beautiful and majestic that the Holy Spirit wants to take up residence inside of me!
25. God has made my heart His home.
26. My friend Lindsey Crow Snider is another year older today. Now that she lives in OKC, I hope we can hang out more. I really like that girl! She is a mighty woman of God. I am thankful for her.
27. I am overwhelmed with peace tonight as I lay down.


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