Selah~Day 280

Tuesday, February 25

My 27 Thanks:
1. Gary made me toast for breakfast.
2. When leaving for work, Gary always tells me how beautiful I look.
3. Staff chapel was fun.
4. Personality test.
5. I know who I am…ha ha ha. I am a theorist, a dreamer.
6. We have a well-balanced team.
7. Every part is an important part.
8. Janelle has done an amazing job helping me with the Watoto event. She is a blessing.
9. Gary and I got to have lunch together!
10. He also helped my uncle clear out more of my grandma’s house.
11. I found someone to give a full size bed to!
12. Opportunities to be a blessing.
13. My new neighbors blessed us with their nice moving boxes. They will be a huge help this weekend when we move out of my grandma’s house.
14. Gary bought groceries today. His work schedule is often a blessing.
15. We are going to be reading the book of Acts together as a staff team.
16. God gave us a perfect model for church growth and move of Holy Spirit through the book of Acts.
17. Gary and I cooked dinner together.
18. Judah sat on my lap and we watched Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
19. Gary and I finally hung the last of our pictures. I can’t believe we have had some sitting in closets since our move in last July.
20. Judah fell asleep early (for him) and quickly! He had such a fun day.
21. Vacation plans are in the works.
22. I look forward to going home to my family every night. I still get so excited and even have butterflies in my tummy when I get to see Judah and Gary after a long day apart. I love them.
23. My family loves to be together. Together is the most wonderful place to be!
24. My friend, Laura, found a house that she loves and is making an offer. I love to hear about the exciting times in her life.
25. My friends, The Mondragon family, are overwhelmed with blessings from God. He is working everything out on their behalf. They are getting a NEW home.
26. What the devil means for bad, God turns around for GOOD.
27. Second Chances.


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