Selah~Day 281

Wednesday, February 26th

My 27 Thanks:

1.  Today is my childhood best friend’s birthday!
2. Kristi and I had so much fun together as kids. She is a wonderful friend and she wonderfully loves The Lord.
3. Kristi and I grew up in church together. Her dad was our pastor. I learned a lot about prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit at that church.
4. Kristi loves music and she would make me stand for hours in the CD aisle while she searched through all the different options. I wish iTunes would have been around back then! Kristi is very talented in the area of music.
5. Kristi and my brother Kyle shared a love for baseball cards and collecting them. I would throw a HUGE fit when they went into baseball card mode. I didn’t like sharing Kristi’s time and I wanted them to be interested in my rock collection instead of baseball cards. Yes, unfortunately, this is a true story! Ha Ha Ha…memories.
6. God did NOT send Kristi to a remote area in Africa to be a missionary. (Oh…another really funny story).
7. Kristi’s parents, VO and Beverly, were like 2nd parents to me. They love me dearly and had great influence in my life.
8. Recently, VO called me and spoke a powerful word of Wisdom and Encouragement into my life. I haven’t seen them in such a long time, but I know they still pray over my life.
9. Even though it was a small church, they blessed me big time financially. They helped sponsor my summer internship to Washington, D.C. when I was in college.
10. Kristi and I don’t see each other ever anymore and our talks are rare. But, when we do get to catch up, we pick up right were we left off.
11. I have a rich history of good, Godly friendships.
12. My friends from the younger years were amazing, positive influences in my life.
13. Good investments that have been deposited into my life throughout my 33 years.
15. Kids Ministry went well tonight.
16. We have a new girl in kids ministry. Her name is Rebecca. She has many special needs. Two of my older 6th grade girls have taken Rebecca by the hand and have made her feel very comfortable and very much a part of our group. We didn’t ask them to do this, but they saw a need and filled it.
17. Kids who realize that they are a part of the church right now!
18. A child, who is in the foster care system, shared a prayer request tonight. The request was, “I don’t have a home and I  want to find a home.” The lack of parenting in our society today BREAKS MY HEART!!!! It is in moments like this that it is reaffirmed how incredible blessed I am. I never had to pray for a home.
19. I get to minister to kids from all walks of life.

I will never have it “all knowed up!” But, I have learned some very valuable lessons concerning the “truth.” There are always three sides to every story: your story, my story, and the truth. When I would teach a piece of literature, I would tell my students that we would all interpret different parts of the story differently. Even though we were reading the same text, our past experiences or lifestyle would “jade” our perception of the story. And, our perception is our reality. It is truth to us. Thankfully, in literature analysis, there isn’t always a right or wrong answer. Inference is based more on how you feel. If you “feel” it then it must be right…right? Even though the great William Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage and we are all merely players in it…” we don’t truly live in a Shakespearean piece!

Therefore, we can’t go by our feelings or our perceptions. Often times, they will lead us astray and away from the truth. So, before I jump to conclusion on a matter, I must understand that there are 3 sides to this story: your side, my side, and the truth. Pushing feelings, emotions, and perceptions to the side…let’s search for the truth because it sets us free.

20. I have learned a good deal about perceptions. There is always 3 sides to every story: your side, my side, and the truth. I am thankful that I have grown in this understanding.
21. I do a better job at responding well to situations of information than reacting emotionally to it.
22. I try really hard not to make assumptions based on only one-side of information.
23. Gary rubbed my neck. I had such a bad neck ache, but his massage helped alleviate the pain.
24. I don’t take medicine. I would rather have some pain now than suffer future side effects of pain relievers. (Personal preference)
25. I have a family.
26. I have a home.
27. I have never had to wonder where I would lay my head down at night to sleep.


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