Selah~Day 282

Thursday, February 27
My 27 Thanks:

1. Another card from a dear friend arrived in the mail.

2. I am valued by God.

3. His face shines upon me.

4. He gives me peace.

5. My headache from last night was gone when I woke up.

6. Judah got to spend all day at home with Gary.

7. I finalized some very important documents today.

8. Abby and I enjoyed lunch at Panera Bread together. We made it a working lunch of course. We compared two different curriculums for the Academy.

9. Abby has great insight and wisdom in the area of child development and the best ways to teach children.

10. Abby has a great love for children. I love working with people who are passionate about what they do.

11. We finally made a decision on curriculum and we are really excited about it.

12. Talena Johnson has been a great help. She has offered us counsel and insight into a product that she uses for home school.

13. Amy Hoover has been an amazing help too. Amy is master teacher! She knows her stuff and I am so glad that she has shared her insight with me.

14. I am surrounded by a team of well-educated, wise woman!

15. I am so thankful for the time I had as a teacher in a classroom.

16. God has had a plan for me all along. Sometimes He only shows us pieces of the plan.

17. I trusted God and followed His plan even though I only saw parts of it.

18. God cares about me.

19. I listen and obey.

20. God blesses His children for their obedience.

21. Getting on the same page.

22. Conversation that leads to understanding.

23. Parents who are responsible for their children.

24. Foster care system.

25. A Gentle Breeze. Oklahoma has some strong winds often, so a gentle breeze is a nice change.

26. Tomorrow is Friday.

27. Judah always smile big. When he does, it crinkles his sweet nose. I love his smile.


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