Selah~Day 283

Friday, February 28
My 27 Thanks:

1. We all slept in and woke up well rested.
2. We spent the entire day together.
3. April, my hair dresser, was able to get me in on my day off from work.
4. April has done my hair for 11 years. I have never been disappointed in my cut or color.
5. Fresh, new look.
6. Gary and Judah got to swim at the Y while I was at salon.
7. I got to share the vision of the Academy with many people today.
8. Five people inquired about academy today and none of them were from our church.
9. Outreach opportunities.
10. The weather is magnificent!
11. We had fun running errands together today.
12. We made time for Orange Leaf and all had a sweet treat.
13. Little things make Judah excited!
14. We purchased a T-Ball set for Judah.
15. We played with it in the backyard and had a great time.
16. Judah ran and laughed the entire time.
17. We went for a walk around our neighborhood. Judah rode his bike. He tries to be really safe.
18. We met another kind neighbor. He happens to be a principal at US Grant high school.
19. I received a card in the mail from a dear friend who has been praying for me consistently for 2 mos. Her cards are so creative, hand-made, and sweet.
20. Her words stir something very deep in my spirit. I treasure every one of them!
21. Gary and I make a great team. We share responsibilities.
22. Porch swing weather is coming soon. Gary and I spent some time on our porch swing today!
23. Steven Furtick wrote this the other day in his blog. “…If you’re an addict, the end goal is to be free of your addiction. And it should be. But every step you take on the way to that goal is itself an arrival at a desirable destination. And that’s because it’s a step further away from where you don’t want to be – engrossed in your addiction.” Every step is an arrival and it matters.
24. Steven Furtick’s Ministry and books. He is an amazing communicator.
25. Devotionals.
26. Baby steps.
27. Movement.


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