Selah~Day 284

Saturday, March 1
My 27 Thanks:

1.  My family is here for the final clean out of my grandma’s house.
2. I am so glad this clean out has been a  family  team effort.
3.  Kolt and Gatlin are having a joint birthday party. I love my nephews and joint birthday parties are always a great idea.
4. The party was at the YMCA and super close to my house.
5.  Judah got to swim with his “mends.” He had a blast
6. He isn’t afraid of water this year and even went under water a few times.
7. I Got to know some Facebook friends better at the party.
8. My y brothers are strong and hard workers.
9. Even though it was super dirty and the weather was horrible for moving, we shared some laughs and had a good time.
10. My mom is a really funny lady.
11. Resourcefulness. We moved a 3 bedroom house into a  1 bedroom apartment.
12. I live a pretty simple lifestyle.
13. I don’t have clutter.
14. Judah was Amazing. He stayed with me all day while working and moving. He didn’t pout or fuss. He was such a good boy.
15. Judah has a lot of fun with my brother Kyle. Judah loves to play and joke.
16. My uncle’s new place is safe, clean, and cozy.
17. Someone told me today that Judah looks just like me!
18. Haley went with me to greet the Watotos. Even though their arrival was late at night, I was really thankful to not go alone.
19. Watotos made it safely and close to the projected arrival time.
20. The Watoto children greeted us with huge smiles! It is such an honor to get to spend a brief time with these precious kids.
21. The Watoto team is so kind and thankful.
22. Host homes waited patiently at the church while the Watotos unloaded the tour bus and set up their product tables.
23. Pastor Marc brought back the Youth “Valentines” Banquet. Teenagers had a BLAST.
24. My sweet Cherryl and an awesome teen leader in Kids ministry was crowned Queen. She raised the most money for missions and received the crown.
25. I loved seeing the teenagers dressed in their best. They wore big smiles and beautiful suits or dresses.
26. All the money raised goes for missions.
27. Rest.


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