Selah~Day 285

Sunday, March 2nd

My 27 Thanks:

1. I barely slept last night, but still woke up ready for the day.

2. Jesus gives us strength and a will to push forward even when we don’t feel well.

3. Changes in plans cause one to realize gaps in what we think is a well-polished system.

4. I was able to get ahold of my entire Sunday school team and let them know of church starting late.

5. Flexibility in people.

6. Last minute changes worked out well.

7. My kids LOVED spending the morning with the Watotos.

8. The Watotos loved spending time with us.

9. They loved our service and asked if they could have a video of it and share ideas with us.

10. Kids worship so freely and excitedly.

11. My leadership team is so faithful!

12. Janelle and her team provided the best lunch for our Watotos and the host homes.

13. Janelle and her team served us well. Then, they stayed late and helped clean up the event center. They were so kind to help me with this BIG task. I so appreciate them.

14. We had safe travels to and from church.

15. My parents made it home safe and they even had to cross through the Arbuckle Mountains.

16. We had a  relaxing afternoon/evening at home.

17.  The snow, even though it inconvenienced our plans in a BIG way, it made us slow down and accept the view.

18. We enjoyed an unexpected time together as a family.

19.  Gary and I enjoyed a movie together.

20. Judah and I had lots of snuggle time while he sat on my lap.

21. Gary gave Judah his bath tonight. It was nice to have a few minutes of quiet down time to think and reflect.

22. I had some time to catch up my blog.

23. The host homes for the Watotos have been so kind and flexible. Due to the weather, we have had to make several changes to their plan, but they didn’t fuss at all. I have really appreciated their servant hearts!

24. Gary’s face lit up when he watched the Watotos praise the Lord. Africa has a special place in his heart. I love watching him when things tug at his heart. His heart is so big and beautiful

25. We are not forgotten. God knows our name! Even an Orphan from Uganda has HOPE.

26. He is a Father to the Fatherless.

27. He is a Friend to the Friendless.


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