Selah~Day 286

Tuesday, March 4
My 27 Thanks

1. I slept well. Usually, I don’t sleep when Gary is at the station. But, I slept well last night.
2. Gary got home earlier than usual and I got to visit with him some before leaving for work.
3. Judah woke up in the best of moods. He was smiling from ear to ear and was ready to play.
4. Gary told me that he is starting to feel more at home with his new fire station.
5. We had staff lunch today. Gary and Judah joined me!
6. When Judah saw me down the hallway at work, he came running towards me with outstretched arms and a huge smile!
7. Bear hugs from my boy!
8. Gary dressed really nice today. He knows how much I love it when he dresses up for me.
9. My husband is so handsome.
10. Gary was able to help Grant start his car.
11. Gary is handy!
12. Pastor Ted shared with me that his personality used to be just like mine. He used to be a dreamer too. He made the staff aware too.
13. I worked late today, but left feeling more accomplished.
14. The snow and ice are almost gone from the roads. I am so glad winter is almost behind us.
15. My brother stayed late at his chiropractic office to give me an adjustment.
16. My neck adjusted well. It is getting better.
17. I shared my heart with Gary tonight on a few issues I am dealing with. He cares for my Heart and gives me sound counsel.
18. I am not a victim, I am a victor!
19. God brings something significant out of what seems insignificant.
20. Your family, your upbringing, your past, etc… may put you at a disadvantage, but you don’t have to stay there.
21. God can bring greatness out of a great mess!
22. We enjoyed a very yummy, home cooked meal for dinner.
23. At dinner, we all shared discussions about our day.
24. Gary cooked dinner so I could spend some time with Judah.
25. Gary gave Judah a haircut. It looks really cute and it was free. The only bad part is that Judah looks so grown up with his hair short.
26. Several people complimented my hair today. Kind words sure do lift the spirit.
27. Kind words from others.


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