Selah~Day 287

Wednesday, March 5
My 27 Thanks

1. I got up! I have been so tired this week. I am thankful that I got up with or without a giddy in my Gallup.
2. Judah is learning to like his booster seat and I think we can finally transition from the car seat.
3. He can get out of the car by himself now.
4. Ms. Linda and Ms. Stacy always greet us with the sweetest smiles! I have really enjoyed having them as Judah’s first set of teachers.
5. I met with DHS this morning. My meeting went well.
6. I am working with a really nice licensing supervisor.
7. She was impressed with our GREAT facility.
8. I enjoyed yummy leftovers for lunch. Sometimes simple decisions make life easier. I didn’t have to go anywhere or spend any money.
9. Gladys brought leftovers too. So, we enjoyed lunch together. It was so nice to visit with Gladys again.
10. Gladys’ heart is so big and beautiful. She makes me laugh.
11. I am so thankful for a flexible work schedule. I had to leave early today and pick up Judah from school. It is nice to be able to easily do that.
12. I got to pick Judah up from school today. I rarely get to do it. So, it is always nice to be the one the pick him up.
13. Judah and I got to rest together before church.
14. We had to make some last-minute staffing changes and Jose, one of my kidmin leaders, heard our question “who can lead the game now?” He jumped in and lead the game well. He is an awesome kidmin leader.
15. My team all worked together and played “musical chairs” in Kidmin so everyone could see their son in the badge ceremony.
16. It all worked out.
17. The boys were so proud of their awards.
18. By the time we checked out all the kids and cleaned up, the church was empty and dark. I am so glad that I have Abby now and she walked out with me.
19. Deborah and Amy both helped me with Judah tonight. I am so glad these two ladies are on my Wednesday night team.
20. I was able to share the vision of school with more interested peeps.
21. Jeremiah 17: 7-8.
22. Blessed is the man whose trust is in the Lord.
23. If you trust the Lord, you will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots to the stream.
24. The tree doesn’t fear when heat comes. We don’t have to fear when disaster comes.
25. The tree has no worries in a year of drought because it never fails to bear fruit!
26. If we are planted in Him, we will always bear fruit.
27. Jesus >__________!


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