Selah~Day 288

Thursday, March 6

My 27 Thanks

1. God works in mysterious ways!
2. His thoughts are higher than mine!
3. His ways are bigger than mine!
4. Gary helped my dad with the final load out of operation “Move out Grandmas House!”
5. Her house is completely cleaned out, my Uncle is moved, and all is settled.
6. My dad and the entire family are so glad this process is over.
7. My dad and Gary bragged about how helpful Judah was in the process. I have such a good, helpful boy!
8. Creative meeting was creative once again. I love time that is set aside for thinking.
9. I have so much energy in those settings.
10. Ideas. I love them: good, bad, or ugly! Killing an idea or running with it is so much fun!
11. Creativity.
12. Chemise already has choreography to a skit/ dance we are going to do to launch Easter series Jesus > ________.
13. Sometimes my job requires me to make really tough decisions, but never as tough as the ones Pastor has to make. I am glad that I am not in his shoes.
14. Gary, Judah, and I made it to the Lego movie at the exact start time-we cut it close, but we made it!
15. The theater wasn’t crowded at all!
16. We all laughed throughout the whole movie.
17. We get to enjoy entertainment like going to the movies-a true luxury for some- and we get to do it often!
18. Judah took turns sitting on both mine and Gary’s lap.
19. I have the sweetest family.
20. I love the song, Awesome. “Everything is awesome, Everything is cool when your part of a team!”
21. Life is just better together!
22. We had a yummy dinner in the theater. It was so nice to have an evening free of cooking and cleaning.
23. The building progress in Moore is coming along nicely. It is amazing to see what all has been rebuilt in less than a year since the devastating tornado.
24. People are getting new homes!
25. Beauty comes from ashes.
26. My friend, Angela, sent me the sweetest text. She thanked me for stepping into the nursery Wednesday night while the nursery leaders watched their sons in the badge ceremony! Hello, THaNK YOU, Angela!
27. Hope.


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