Selah~Day 289

Friday, March 7th

My 27 Thanks:

1. We slept in.
2. Gary and I both love Rick Renner’s devotional and talk about them when we can in the mornings.
3. My husband loves the Word of God.
4. The Holy Spirit is jealous for me.
5. He loves spending time with me!
6. Gary and I worked together to fold 5,000 loads of laundry (it wasn’t that big, but it felt like it).
7. We all have more than enough clothes in our closet. We are so blessed.
8. I have a washer and dryer in my home!
9. The temperature started out cool, but warmed up nicely throughout the day.
10. We enjoyed lunch at Pei Wei.
11. We took Judah to Chuck E Cheese to play games.
12. Mom mom and Pa pa got Judah a Chuck E Cheese gift card for Christmas-great idea. Judah had a blast playing games and getting tickets.
13. Chuck E Cheese has a secure checkout for kids.
14. We had a nice walk around the neighborhood.
15. I really enjoyed our time outside today. I am looking forward to warmer, longer days.
16. I have learned to put my trust in God alone. I am fully aware that “mankind” will fail you.
17. Even though I may not always understand, I can trust that God always has my best interests at heart.
18. Fridays!
19. Gary and I cooked a yummy, healthy dinner together.
20. Judah went to bed early.
21. I really enjoyed the easy, relaxed atmosphere of this Friday. It was so nice to have some down time.
22. Gary and I enjoyed a movie together.
23. I love nights when you get to stay up late because you know you can sleep in late in the morning.
24. Gary leads our family with discernment.
25. You can be led by the Spirit of God, as well as have earthly sense.
26. Gary and I trust that we are under the covering of a good shepherd.
27. Wisdom.


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