Selah~Day 290

Saturday, March 8

My 27 Thanks:

1. Today is my love’s 34th birthday.
2. We got to spend the entire day together.
3. Judah was beyond thrilled that his daddy is having a birthday! Judah said “Happy Birthday, Daddy” all day long.
4. We took our time and had a relaxing morning.
5. We didn’t have anything on our schedule.
6. We spent the afternoon in Bricktown. I love the progress of this part of our City.
7. I live in Oklahoma City. I love my town.
8. We enjoyed a fun lunch at Texadelphia.
9. I know Jesus.
10. Gary dropped us off and picked us up at the front door, so we didn’t get too cold.
11. By chance, we participated in a fun fishing lesson at bass pro.
12. We enjoyed dinner with friends our good Louisiana friends, the Polands.
13. Great food and great service.
14. I love to share kids ministry stories and learn from one another.
15. We got to pay a visit to station 8.
16. Friends who are like family.
17. Gray got lots of birthday greetings and felt special!
18. Everyone needs rest!
19. God rested.
20. We took a break this weekend and had a nice time of rest and relaxation! It was awesome.
21. Judah told me what to write in Gary’s birthday card.
22. Gary grinned from ear to ear with excitement over Judah’s birthday greetings. It was such a sweet moment.
23. Judah and I baked a special birthday cake for Gary. We had fun and I let Judah lick the bowl.
24. Judah made Gary’s birthday so special.
25. Family time.
26. This is our last day of cold weather for a long time, I hope!
27. 2 Thessalonians 1:7


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