Selah~Day 291

Sunday, March 9

My 27 Thanks:
1. It’s Spring forward! Daylight will be longer. I love this time of year.

2. I have the morning off! I love teaching kids, but it is nice to have the morning as an audience member.

3. The kids were so excited to have Pastor Clayton back.

4. Pastor Clayton uses a lot of fun Science to illustrate his points. The kids loved it.

5. I have a great team of leaders!

6. I had lunch with about 50 of my leaders today.

7. Fellowship.

8. Growing together.

9. Gary and Abby were a huge help in setting up and tearing down the luncheon event.

10. My friend and fellow KidMin leader, Deborah, has some exciting decisions ahead of her.

11. God orders our steps!

12. Clayton brought us all a book full of helpful tips, game ideas, and small group starter questions.

13. Games are fun and they are an effective tool in Kids Ministry.

14. Fresh ideas and fun, innovative teaching styles.

15. Pizza. People like it and it is a quick, fairly cheap meal that feeds a large group of people.

16. Eagle One pizza in South OKC is yummy and gives our church an unbelievable deal!

17. My friend and fellow KidMin Leader, Tim Downing, is finishing his active tour of duty this week. Soon, he will be back home with his awesome family.

18. Cherryl came home with us this afternoon. She is an awesome young woman of God. And, Judah loves his Cherryl time.

19. Chemise helped me choreograph the movements to Happy. Chemise is a multi-talented woman! I enjoyed my time with her. She is so full of fun and energy.

20. “Happy” is going to be a super fun and witty sketch that deals with a heavy issue…depression. I am excited to use it to help support Pastor’s message.

21. My friend Deborah came and helped us too. She loves to dance and I am thankful that she is willing to use her gift for the Lord.

22. The special song for this Sunday morning, Feel Again, went well. The execution was perfect. I love creativity that supports messages and helps drive home the point!

23. Frog, my senior Ranger commander, came to my luncheon. I really appreciated his willingness to come and to learn with me. He really enjoyed it too.

24. We didn’t spend money on food at all today…and, it is a Sunday. Wow! I am pretty thankful that we saved some money today.

25. Today went well. It was busy, but all worked out for good.

26. Life.

27. Our family had the most enjoyable 4-day! It was a really nice break away from our busy schedules.


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