Selah~Day 292

Monday, March 10

My 27 Thanks:

1. It is a beautiful day.

2. It was in the 70s today for temperature.

3. Judah and I had a relaxing morning!

4. My SIL, Laura, now has the stomach bug that is going around. So, I was able to help her get the girls to school.

5. I live close to both Laura and my In-Laws. Our close proximity makes things super convenient.

6. I love listening to little kid conversations. I love how they communicate thoughts and feelings. It is so cute.

7. Judah and the girls were so excited to see each other. They have such a close relationship and love each other so much.

8. Judah is so close with his cousins. He calls them his brothers and sisters.

9. Mrs. Lori and I had a meeting about the new curriculum. Mrs. Lori is such a blessing. She is super organized and knows her stuff.

10. I am so excited about the new curriculum plan we are launching in April.

11. Plans that have been in the works for a while are now coming together.

12. The leaders are really excited too.

13. God has a way of working things out on our behalf.

14. Seasons. I am glad that there are seasons in our lives.

15. I was able to take off work early to pick up Judah.

16. He was so excited when I told him that the girls got to come home with us and play.

17. We finally got to play outside.

18. Laura is feeling better and the rest she got today really helped her out.

19. My new neighbor, Lisa, came over for a visit.

20. She is super friendly and personable.

21. Both she and her husband work as child and youth advocates. They love kids and youth too. They have devoted their lives to serving youth and kids.

22. Gary fought a grass fire for 5 hours today-I am really glad he returned to the station safely.

23. After Judah went to sleep, I was able to catch up on some work.

24. Quality is in the details.

25. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

26. The smartest people in the world are those who realize their gifts, as well as their limitations. I want to be smart.

27. God has surrounded us with people who can help us with our limitations. No one has to do it all alone.


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