Selah~Day 294

Wednesday, March 12

My 27 Thanks:

1. My husband has no trouble getting up super early for the station. He takes great pride in his work.
2. He is disciplined!
3. He tries really hard to get ready quietly so he doesn’t wake Judah and me up. He is stealthy!
4. Both Abby and Lori are sick today. I am so thankful for both of them. When they are out of commission, I realize how blessed and grateful I am for their work!
5. Abby and Lori are both starting to feel a little better.
6. Pastor Marcia and Leslie proofread the policy manual for the Jr. Academy for me! I really appreciate their help and keen eyes!
7. Attention to details.
8. Time was on my side today.
9. Laura helped me out with Judah.
10. Antioch has been a tremendous help with our school launch.
11. I have received some great advise from seasoned leaders.
12. I spoke with a Senior Pastor of a local church today. Sadly, he confessed to me that the reason he doesn’t have Wednesday night church service is because he couldn’t get anyone in the congregation to help serve in ministries like kids ministry. Wow! My heart broke for that church. But, then I rejoiced. I have an awesome, committed team of leaders.
13. I received some really sweet words from Mrs. Laura Randall tonight at church.
14. My in-laws made it home safely after a 2 week vacation. I am really glad they are back!
15. I was concerned about our Kidmin team tonight because so many were out for various reasons. But, we all pulled together and had a great night of ministry!
16. Kids have great energy!
17. Judah smiles so big when playing with his friends.
18. My friend and fellow Kidmin leader, Rochelle, is celebrating her birthday today. I am so glad her sweet smile and zeal for life is in my life.
19. The building process has begun for my friend Ava’s house.
20. What the devil meant for bad, God uses for GOOD!
21. Perseverance.
22. My buddy, Debby, waited for me to shut down kids ministry so I didn’t have to walk out to my car alone.
23. Thoughtful people.
24. Judah was in a great mood on the way home from church. And, he didn’t fall asleep
25. I found out tonight that a couple who has tried for years to get pregnant and did in vitro 3 times is having a baby in April. I cried tears of joy for them and I don’t even know them. But, what a miracle!
26. They are having a little girl. Her name is Elleana. It is Hebrew for “Our God Answers.” Yes, yes He does!
27. The prayers or a Righteous man avail much!


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