Selah~Day 295

Thursday, March 13

My 27 Thanks:
1. I can be strong in His grace. 2 Timothy 2:1.
2. The supernatural strengthening you need doesn’t come because you deserve it. God makes His supernatural power available to you and me for free!
3.  God’s grace makes this strength available to every Believer!
4. His power is available to anyone who releases his or her faith to receive it.
5. And because it’s available by grace — for free — a person doesn’t have to feel worthy to receive it!
6. I had a very productive morning.
7. The Holy Spirit is a great strategist.
8. He helps me all the time!
9. I got several compliments on my bright-colored outfit today.
10. Abby is back to work today and feeling much better!
11. My friend, Debby, sent me a very timely and beautiful word of encouragement today!
12. I got to share vision about the school with the staff today.
13. We are starting a school.
14. A teacher and former colleague contacted me and ask if I would officiate her wedding ceremony! So sweet.
15. I spoke to my MIL today. It was so good to chat with her and I am so glad they are home!
16. The weather is amazing.
17. Spring is springing.
18. Gary was a huge help at church today. Spring clean out is upon us and he is so sweet to help.
19. I love opportunities to down-size and remove clutter.
20. Gary grilled tonight. I love using our grill. It makes dinner cleanup so easy and the food is yummy!
21. We all sat at the table and ate dinner together. I love these moments shared together.
22. Thursday is family movie night!
23. Judah took turns sitting on both of our laps. We love our snuggle time.
24. Abby told us about an app that is a fun game. So, we got it and all had a great time playing it together.
25. My mom is coming to the city for a visit tomorrow! And, we get to do what we want…we have no plans.
26. Sweet dreams.
27. Rest.


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