Selah~Day 296

Friday, March 14

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah and I slept in until 8:45 a.m. The extra rest does our bodies good.

2. My mom arrived at 11:00 and we got to have a nice lunch with her at Panera before her hair appointment.

3. Judah held my hand when walking to and from the car. I love feeling his sweet little hand in mine.

4. Sunshine.

5. I spent several hours walking around my yard barefoot.

6. I got to spend some time working in my flower beds and watering my trees. I love yard work.

7. We are always given opportunities to walk in love and or respond with hate. I love to walk in love.

8. I love helping my sweet neighbor with her trashcan. I always get excited when I beat her to put it up. We should seize every opportunity to be a blessing.

9. My brother-in-law Nate is in town for the weekend. He is staying with my in-laws. It will be our last time to see him before he leaves for an extended tour in England. I am so glad he is home safe from his year deployment in the Middle East.

10. Boldness and Confidence.

11. Family.

12. Facebook gave me and some high school friends and a favorite teacher the opportunity to relive a funny, memorable moment that took place almost 20 years ago on a high school speech tournament trip. I love good memories.

13. I got pulled over for speeding. Granted…it was a new area and I had no idea the speed limit dropped to 25 mph. But, I am thankful for police and their role in society to keep us safe.

14. The cop gave me a “break” and only wrote the ticket for going 10 over the speed limit instead of 15.

15. I enjoyed a fun evening with my mom, my sister, and my sweet Judah.

16. We had a blast shopping at the Outlet Mall. I am so glad we have an Outlet Mall in our City.

17. My friend, Holly, shared an amazing GAP coupon. We got some really good deals.

18. Judah and I had so much fun trying on clothes. Okay…I had fun trying clothes on Judah. He looks so cute in his new camo shorts! It is rare, but there are times when I can find cute boy clothes too. Tonight, I found cute boy clothes.

19. Judah always crinkles his nose when he laughs. He laughed a lot tonight.

20. We made a quick stop by Gary’s fire station. It was so good to see him if only for 5 minutes.

21. Gary was playing volleyball with the guys. I am so glad he finally had some time to enjoy firemen fellowship.

22. I drove safely at nighttime in areas that I am not familiar with where I am going.

23. God is always mindful of me.

24. He sees all and knows all!

25. God is Faithful.

26. His Love never fails.

27. His perfect Love casts out all fear.


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