Selah~Day 297

Saturday, March 15

My 27 Thanks:

1. The Peace of God, when you allow it to operate in your life, will protect and defend you from the hassles and assaults of the devil.
2. Your feet can be shod with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace.
3. God’s peace will hold you in place when the devil tries to push you around.
4. When you have conquering peace firmly tied to your mind and emotions, you will be empowered to keep marching ahead, impervious to the devil’s attempts to take you down!
5. Peace is a weapon!
6. Gary made it home safe from the fire station.
7. Early morning chats with my mom and Gary.
8. My mom and Hailey decided to stay another day.
9. Hailey painted my toes and I braided her hair. I love girly time with my sister.
10. Gary drove us around and we all had fun shopping.
11. We ran into family at the outlet mall and had a good, short visit.
12. Men’s mission had an awesome wild game cook off.
13. The weather didn’t keep the men away.
14. There are hard-working men at Crossroads church who are committed to reaching men.
15. My church.
16. I am so thankful that it rained. We needed it badly.
17. We all enjoyed a relaxing evening at home.
18. Honest conversations.
19. Apologies.
20. Lazy Saturdays.
21. Lorry Gail is excited about the GeekForce skit in KidMotion. She always works hard to do her very best!
22. Gary supports my job 100%.
23. I have financial peace in my life.
24. God’s peace covers and safeguards.
25. God’s peace is available to us all.
26. I am loved.
27. I am not forgotten.


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