Selah~Day 306

Monday, March 24th

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah was so sad that we couldn’t find his fire fighter necklace for show and tell today at school. But, we settled on taking Giddy Up, our stuffed horse, instead. I am so glad he was excited about showing his friends, or possibly making a presentation in class.

2. Conversations with a 4-year-old. Judah makes me laugh. I love experiencing the world through his awe and wonder.

3. A sense of wonder.

4. Excitement over little things.

5. Starla is feeling better and made it back into the office today.

6. Lori came in today and worked on our new preschool curriculum. We are getting so close to our April launch and couldn’t be more excited.

7. I came across some awesome ideas for engaging environments for kids ministry. I am so thankful for awesome sites like Pinterest!

8. DIY projects that are well done, but don’t cost much.

9. Abby found a Montessori Outlet for awesome buys on school manipulatives. I am so excited to start purchasing items for the Jr. Academy.

10. Preschoolers are enrolling daily at the Academy.

11. I finally received some much-anticipated mail from A Beka. I am so excited to dive into their curriculum.

12. OKCFD trains their firefighters well. Gary is taking a two-week HazMat course. I am so glad that he at least knows how to handle hazardous materials if and when he gets exposed to them.

13. God protects His kids.

14. Mondays are always super productive days for me. I love Mondays. They help me get my week off to a great, productive start.

15. Mr. Bob, one of our dear friends and fellow kidmin leader, finally got a report and a plan of action back from his doctor. I am so glad he is getting answers to solve this medical mystery! He is headed in the right direction now!

16. Bob and Debbie Thomas have served alongside Gary and I for 7 years in Kids Ministry. They are solid and faithful. We appreciate their love and support. We love them so.

17. Sam, Starla, and Abby all agreed together today that I am bossy. Abby then restated that, “You aren’t really bossy, you just know what other people should be doing.” Well, I am so thankful that she cleared that up. Ha Ha Ha. I love my team!

18. Michelle Hopkins has been volunteering at the church front desk a few times a week. She is such a sweet spirit and really loves people. I am so thankful for her faithfulness to serve and to be a bright smile to those who enter our church doors.

19. Gary, Judah, and I played chase in the backyard and played on the fort. I love moments of play with my family and I love to feel like a kid again.

20. Gary and I changed our nightly routine. We played outside with Judah for quite a while after work. Then, we came right in and I cooked dinner while Gary gave Judah a bath. Because of this, we ate dinner late. But, Judah ate dinner! He ate it all too. So, I guess our child prefers to eat at 7:30 p.m. instead of 5:30 p.m.

21. Judah was ready for bed and actually went to bed at 9:00 p.m.

22. I had time to work on today’s Thankful blog today! Usually, I have to do it the following morning. But, I am so thankful for the time tonight.

23. Judah is doing so well in writing his name. He has shown improvement every week. I am so proud of my sweet, brilliant little man.

24. I have been blessed with the role of raising Judah. I may not be raising Superman, but I am raising a boy who will become a super man! His potential is limitless.

25. Parents can speak promises and purpose over their children.

26. The grass is turning green once again….goodbye BROWN and hello GREEN!

27. I picked up lunch from McAlisters today. The girl who waited on my was really sweet and soft-spoken. After she had taken my to-go order a woman approached the counter and pushed her drink towards the cash register. She coldly asked, “Would you please fill up my cup with water?” The young, timid cashier took the cup and filled it up with water. As she was handing it back, the costumer replied in a degrading tone, “Did you put ice in my drink?” The cashier said, “Oh, no. Did you want ice.” Coldly, the lady responded, “Ummm….yes, I did!” As an outside perspective, I could feel the disgust and hateful attitude of the other customer. Her approach and tone were completely uncalled for. I could not believe the way in which she chose to handle herself and speak to another person. The rudeness of some people is truly heart-breaking. After the ordeal, I made a point to smile at the young girl and say, “I am sorry that you deal with that on probably a daily basis.” She said, “It’s okay. You are right, it’s all the time.”

I am so glad that I CHOOSE to be friendly. I CHOOSE to give people the benefit of the doubt. I CHOOSE to extend much grace because much grace has been extended to me. I CHOOSE to not make a big deal out of “ice in a cup” or a wrong order or a slow line . I CHOOSE to NOT be one of those costumers who is a nightmare for those working on the other side of the counter. I CHOOSE my attitude.


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