Selah~Day 307

Tuesday, March 25

My 27 Thanks:

1. Oh the Blood of Jesus…I love that song. It brings so much power.
2. The blood of Jesus washes away my sin and makes me whole.
3. There is so much power in your blood.
4. Jesus is NO respecter of persons.
5. He came for everyone.
6. Pastor Tami did a fabulous job teaching 6 chapters in the book of Acts in 30 min.
7. We shared lots of laughter in staff meeting.
8. More kids enrolled in the Jr. Academy today!
9. I had a great conversation with Talena, our youth Pastor’s wife. I really like her. She has such a sweet, fun personality.
10. I brought my lunch from home again. Gary and I are doing so well eating up all the food at our house.
11. Clean, accessible water.
12. I get to work with people who I like.
13. I rarely have car trouble. I am so blessed with a good, reliable, paid off vehicle.
14. Financial blessings.
15. Grace.
16. Judah had such a fun day playing with Aaron and his friends.
17. Miss JaQuisha made them all sausage and waffles. She is awesome!
18. Gary got home much earlier than expected.
19. We grilled out hamburgers and they were so good. I love grilling season.
20. My brother blessed us with a whole bunch of amazing organic, grain fed beef!
21. I am having to plant a tree in my small front year per the neighborhood developer. Thankfully, we found the tree that I wanted and it is ready to plant.
22. I am getting an October Maple.
23. I got a big work project completed.
24. My friend Amy is home resting after surgery due to miscarriage.
25. Jesus > Miscarriage.
26. There is no one like my God.
27. Hope is Alive.


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