Selah~Day 308

Wednesday, March 26

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah was really exited that Mom-Mom was going to take him to school with his cousins, Ethan and Evan.
2. Mom-Mom took Judah to school, so I could get to work early for a conference call.
3. I can’t say enough how thankful I am for the in-laws I am blessed with. They are so special to me!
4. We had a very successful conference call with our Easter guest, Amena Brown.
5. She is an artist who is flexible, easy to work with, and loves Jesus.
6. Easter is planned.
7. We got rain.
8. My desk sits in front of a giant window. I totally have the corner office with a view. I love my office space.
9. Mrs. Debby fixed Giddy Up’s leg. Giddy Up is Judah’s special stuffed horse. He loves Giddy Up and was so happy to have the hole in his leg sewn up.
10. Mrs. Debby and Miss JaQuisha work so well together. They love teaming up and ministering to our kids!
11. I have peace that surpasses my understanding.
12. Mom-Mom also picked Judah up from school today. Her help gave me a few more hours of work time.
13. I made it to my brother’s chiropractic office in time for an adjustment. He really helped my neck and gave me some tips for how to help reduce the problems I am having.
14. Kids forgive easily. They have such sweet, soft hearts.
15. My kids were excited to recap what we learned on Sunday about forgiveness. I love to see how excited they get when they remember the Big Answer or Bottom Line.
16. Gary is finally off from working Wednesday shifts! It is so nice to have him back in Wednesday night ministry.
17. We have a lot of fun in KidMotion.
18. We had a well-staffed, peaceful night.
19. All Wednesday night services went well. People got saved and lives were changed.
20. We are doing a very different creative element on Sunday for the kickoff of Pastor Ted’s Jesus > _____ series.
21. Thinking outside the box and trying new things!
22. The people participating are excited and energized to be a part.
23. We have a very interesting mix of people involved!
24. Diversity.
25. A new friend of mine, Ms. Dana, is helping make the smiley face masks! She is saving me so much time.
26. Jesus > Your Happy Face. You are unmasked before Him.
27. Jesus loves me this I know!


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