Selah~Day 309

Thursday, March 27

My 27 Thanks:

1. It’s windy, but it’s warm.
2. I wake up every morning knowing 3 most powerful truths: God loves me, Gary loves me, and Judah loves me.
4. Judah spent some time with me in my office. He needed me and I am so glad to have the flexibility to be his mommy even during working hours.
5. Abby did some more math manipulatives with Judah. He is so smart and I love watching him learn.
6. Laughter.
7. Modern day convenience.
8. Cleanliness.
9. Judah and I went out for lunch together. After Gary, Judah is my favorite date!
10. We took our lunch back to church and ate with Mrs. Debby and Mrs. JaQuisha. We enjoy each others company and share great conversation.
11. Judah took a long nap.
12. He woke up crying and incredibly upset for no reason. I am so glad that there were two mini cupcakes leftover with his name on them!
13. Judah just wanted me to hold him. There is a special bond between a mommy and her child. He just needed me to hold him and speak softly to him. The Word is so true, ” a soft answer always turns away wrath or brings calm to a storm.”
14. The April curriculum crate is complete! I am so excited to put our new teaching into action.
15. Both Mrs. Lori and Miss JaQuisha are vital parts of our preschool ministry. They voluntarily work so hard to make our department the best. I don’t know if they will be able to actually wear their crowns in heaven because the jewels will be so heavy!!!
16. Volunteers who serve the kingdom.
17. Even though I am the Kids Pastor, I am invited and included in the creative process for Big Church! I love being able to collaborate on projects with my fellow creatives.
18. Gary got out of his class early today. We thought he would be in class the whole time, but surprisingly, they let out a little early.
19. Gary ran by the grocery store and picked up a few items for our dinner at home!
20. My New tree, October Glory, is beautiful and already has a ton of buds on it!
21. I worked in the yard with Gary. It feels so good to have my hands and feet in the dirt.
22. Judah had a blast playing in The dirt.
23. I was swinging Judah high on his swing and said, “You are like a superhero.” Then, Judah had me stop the swing. He said, “Mommy, I have to go put on my superhero costume then!” I love my little boy!
24. Gary and I sat on our porch swing, held hands, and watched our son play.
25. I live the “Happily Ever After” life.
26. Sunrises and Sunsets.
27. God is a beautiful, creative God. He is the ultimate artist and He let me be a part of His most magnificent creation.


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