Selah~Day 316

Thursday, April 3

My 27 Thanks:

1. Today is Mrs. Dorothy’s birthday.
2. She is a beautiful example of love and faithfulness!
3. She serves our team well and is a great friend.
4. Dorothy makes us laugh!
5. Dorothy makes others feel really special. I am so glad God gave us a Dorothy.
6. Abby and I had fun shopping and picking up game props for our April KidMotion series.
7. I am so thankful that non-profit organizations, like churches, get tax exempt.
8. More gift cards were turned in for our City Rescue Mission/Salvation Army egg hunt.
9. The video for this Sunday’s creative element turned out awesome.
10. Greg, the videographer, turned the video around in 24 hours.
11. Judah wanted to watch the video over and over again because it was so funny.
12. Gary’s hazmat class ended early, so he came to the Church to help me set up for Sunday.
13. JaQuisha, Debby, Judah, Gary, and me got to eat lunch together. I love having some hang out time with my friends.
14. I had the opportunity to bless Debby and JaQuisha with their lunch.
15. I got a free lunch at McAlisters because of my punch card.
16. The restoration of old friendships.
17. I took a big step forward today.
18. Gary is always by my side.
19. Caring and kind people.
20. We bought lots of flowers and two fruit trees at Lowes to plant.
21. A worker, Russ, at Lowes was kind and very helpful.
22. Everything fit in our car. I was incredibly doubtful, but it worked. I don’t know how though.
23. Judah didn’t cry when we pulled up to Orange Leaf and they were already closed. He happily agreed to get his orange ice cream at Braum’s instead. He said, “It’s okay that it won’t have gummy worms and gummy bears on it.”
24. My sweet little friend, Peyton, is having surgery on her arm tomorrow. I am so glad that she is close to the start of her healing after a horrible arm break. She has a great doctor working on her too.
25. My California buddy, Danielle, is also celebrating her birthday today! She is my fellow blog friend who remains faithful to this journey. I am glad God created Danielle.
26. My friends, Amy and Debby, send me the most rich text messages. Amy’s text today was spot on!
27. My friend, Kristi, is coming to OKC in May. I haven’t seen her in forever, but we are making plans.


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