Selah~Day 318

Saturday, April 5

My 27 Thanks:
1. Gary is home with us today!
2. We met up with almost 100 leaders from Crossroads church to canvas neighborhoods and inform them about our community wide egg hunt.
3. Our Jesus > ________ campaign has been so organized. Our team has done a fantastic job with details.
4. People were excited to be a part.
5. The weather was perfect for a morning walk around neighborhoods.
6. Gary, Abby, and I got to be a team.
7. We covered two locations in 2 hours!
8. Exercise.
9. We had an awesome outdoor afternoon at our house.
10. We worked together and made our patio an awesome outdoor space!
11. Gary likes things as clean and organized as I do.
12. My little buddy, Peyton, continues to do better after arm surgery!
13. The Daily Oklahoman did a full-page add on our Jesus > ________ campaign.
14. People are joining the conversation at
15. Jesus is greater than anything we could face.
16. He has an answer for all of our trials and test in this world!
17. Jesus > Miscarriages
18. He gives us hope and courage to move forward.
19. I am not stuck.
20. Gary grilled out for dinner tonight. I love enjoying his food from the grill. 
21. We had dinner around the table together.
22. My uncle Danny stopped by for a few minutes and Gary helped him with his phone. Now, he knows to keep it turned on when charging. We have tried all week to check in him, but he turned his phone off to charge it am never turned it back on!
23. The Word of God.
24. I spent time studying the story in the Bible about Jesus calming the storm.
25. Peace that surpasses our understanding.
26. Saturdays.
27. Jesus is always present in the midst of our storms. 



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