Selah~Day 319

Sunday, April 6

My 27 Thanks:

1. I slept well last night.
2. We have a great church to attend on Sunday!
3. I serve with a great team!
4. Jesus, the King of Kings, came to earth…to serve other people.
5. He gave us a perfect example of putting others first.
6. Mr. Jose played our host character and did an awesome job!
7. I have amazing male leaders on my team. Kids love having male leaders to look up to!
8. We enjoyed a nice lunch with one of our awesome teen leaders, Keturah, and  Mr. Bob.
9. Opportunities to speak life into others.
10. Ranger Derby went well!
11. Pastor Ted said the support items for his Jesus > Status Quo message went really well.
12. We had a packed house in Kidmotion.
13. Our preschool team loved the launch of our new curriculum.
14. Mason and Molly Gramling are celebrating their 14th birthday today! These two teenagers are awesome young people. I am so glad they are in our lives!
15. I get to work with Mrs. Gladys on a project this week. We are going to win the challenge. Yep, we are unstoppable!
16. We had a restful/relaxing afternoon at home.
17. It rained today.
18. Afternoon rest.
19. Snuggle time with Gary and Judah.
20. Amazing grace.
21. Jesus > Status Quo.
22. I saw someone in church tonight who has had a struggle to come. But, she is coming and God is doing a new work in her!
23. Worship set tonight was great. Gary was so excited they sang Cornerstone.
24. My little boy makes my heart smile so big.
25. Mrs. Debby and her kiddos sat with us. 
26. Taryn gave me a hug. This is huge, people! Taryn is a teenager and her hugs are limited. They are reserved for the coolest of people. 
27. Gary’s embrace and my assurance in him.
28. Pastor Tami and I had a great conversation.


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