Selah~Day 320

Monday, April 7

My 27 Thanks:
1. Gary decided to work out after I went into work. He wanted to spend some time visiting with me while I got ready for work.
2. Gary always puts us first.
3. I received a very, very good report today!
4. A friend from my past is back in my life.
5. My work is enjoyable.
6. Our creative team put together a great sketch for one of our Jesus > _______messages in under 2 hours.
7. Teamwork!
8. Pastor Marc and his family are back from vacation!
9. Gary and I had a quick-lunch together! I love getting to see him throughout my day.
10. Gary helped load what I hope is the FINAL load of stuff from my Grandma’s house.
11. We were blessed with some outdoor Christmas decorations.
12. Janelle is back to work after an awesome 10 day honeymoon to Italy! I am so glad she is back.
13. Abby and I got our City Rescue mission service planned out and I have a super cool illustration for the message!
14. I had a great conversation with my friend, Lindsey Crow-Snider!
15. I dropped off fliers for our big Egg Hunt event at 5 different daycare locations. They all said, “Absolutely, we would love to hand these out!”
16. My Community.
17. My flier distribution assignments where in areas that I was very familiar with and I didn’t get lost.
18. Gary and Judah had fun grocery shopping together while I was at work.
19. Judah is writing his name so well!
20. The joy of The Lord gives me strength.
21. We got more rain today! My plants are thriving.
22. God is Faithful.
23. There is light at the end of every tunnel.
24. Thanksgiving!
25. Bedtime conversation and prayer!
26. Sleep is always sweet when you rest in the shelter of the most High.
27. My heart is full.


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