Selah~Day 321

Tuesday, April 8

My 27 Thanks:
1. I know the Great I Am.
2. Morning Bible Study.
3. Assurance.
4. Corporate worship time.
5. Pastor Marc always presents a reasoned opinion from the Word of God.
6. Staff meeting was canceled today, so I got in some extra work time.
7. I got several compliments on my bright, Bohemian style outfit. 
8. The weather is consistently warm this week. 
9. The landscaping outside my office is looking so good. May sound silly, I know. But, I love watching plants and flowers grow. Life is such a beautiful thing. 
10. Judah and I had a fun lunch break.
11. Judah spent the afternoon in my office with me.
12. He behaved really well.
13. I am ahead of the game on some of my work.
14. We are all loving the new curriculum and working with the details of it. 
15. Starla did a great job on the Easter crafts for our 2s class.
16. We got to babysit Abby’s English Bulldog, Valentine.
17. Judah learned that having an inside dog is a lot of work.
18. Abby got to help Peyton with her school work.
19. Judah and I spent time outside with Valentine. It was so fun to watch them chase each other and play. 
20. Gary had a great shift.
21. He loves his job. 
22. Judah has lots of energy. He can run, jump, climb…he has no handicap.
23. Judah is very gentle and loving with people and dogs.
24. I don’t own a dog. Ha ha ha…it is a lot of work.
25. Jesus > ___________ campaign continues to gain momentum. 
26. I get to be a part of this awesome campaign. 
27. His promises are forever.


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