Selah~Day 322

Wednesday, April 9

My 27 Thanks:

1. Jesus’ last miracle was performed on a foe, an individual who hated Him, in the Garden of Gethsemane.
2. Mercy and Grace.
3. Jesus is faithful to His friends even until the very end. 
4. Jesus cleaned up Peter’s mess in the Garden. Just think, Peter could have been in BIG trouble for chopping off the ear of the High Priest’s assistant, but Jesus stepped in and cleaned up Peter’s mess. 
5. Jesus is a healer. 
6. I am blessed with faithful friends. 
7. I got to have lunch with my buddy, Debby.
8. She bought my lunch. Happy early birthday to me.
9. Honest conversation.
10. I ran into a friend from my past. Justin Edge, who now serves on the Life Church kids team, was a friend of mine from Hugo Middle school. It is so exciting to run into friends from your past and find out that they are actively involved in ministry. 
11. Gary and I spent an hour cleaning out some of our prop closet in the KidMotion room. 
12. Organization.
13. Clean spaces.
14. Gary helped me pick up all the prizes for the City Rescue Mission Easter egg hunt.
15. We found great prizes and stuck to our budget.
16. Many of my team members chipped in and purchased awesome prizes.
17. Abby was able to see my brother, Kyle, for a chiropractic adjustment. She is feeling so much better all ready!
18. Kyle thought Abby and I looked alike as well. What an honor it is to look like Abby! She is too cute.
19. We ran errands, cooked dinner, ate in the car, but still made it back to church on time. My kitchen is a wreck though:)
20. Judah got to spend the evening at his aunt Laura’s house. He needed a restful night at a home.
21. Our kids loved helping stuff eggs for the big community egg hunts.
22. Some kids that I haven’t seen in a really long time were back at church tonight!
23. A little girl got sick in our service. She was really crying when mom picked her up. But, her tears were from having to leave not from being sick. Mom told us her kids love to come to church.
24. Kids are excited about kids ministry.
25. Gary is leading kids worship at a greater level. I love watching him use his musical gifts for The Lord!
26. Our church stuffed 50,000 eggs in under an hour.
27. HUGE volunteer turnout.


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