Selah~Day 324

Friday, April 11th

My 27 thanks:
1. The power of God cannot be matched by man.
2. There is power in the name of Jesus.
3. Revelation of the Word.
4. Time to study the Word of God. 
5. Judah slept in until 9:00 a.m. 
6. Gary and I enjoyed morning quiet time together. 
7. Judah got to spend the entire morning in his pajamas. He is not a get up and go kind of kid. So, he loves pajama days at home. 
8. Team house cleaning. Gary and I worked together to make our house shine. 
9. I own a home.
10. We had all day to spend together. 
11. Fridays.
12. Gary, Judah, and I made another trip to Lowes to buy beautiful flowers. 
13. Judah found bugs in the fountain at Lowes and had a great time letting them crawl on him. He thinks all bugs are beautiful. It is so sweet to watch him with animals, bugs, and other interesting insects…he has such a gentle spirit. 
14. Our Lowes garden expert, Russ, gave us a really good garden buying tip. He told us that if you buy flowers in broken hanging pots, you get it for half price. Well, I always transfer my hanging plants into pots anyway, so I could care less if it is broken. I got a beautiful plant for 50% off. 
15. We all had fun picking out a bird feeder. My mother-in-law got us all interested in bird watching. 
16. Sunshine.
17. We had little wind today and for that I am very thankful. 
18. My little family enjoyed a spontaneous snack break at Chick-fil-A. We also got ice cream. 
19. We celebrated Janelle and Garrett today. They had a beautiful reception at the church. I am so excited for their new lives together. 
20. Happily Ever After. 
21. The Marriage Covenant. 
22. God is a God of restoration. 
23. Judah helped me practice my illusion for the City Rescue Mission Easter Service. He loved it and helped me do it three times. 
24. We are going to bed early tonight. Tomorrow will be a very busy day and it is wise to rest. 
25. Gary made me dinner tonight. 
26. Our Youth Fine Arts team is doing so well at the Fine Arts competition.
27. Our youth are showcasing their talents and using them for the Glory of the Lord. 


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