Selah~Day 330

Friday, April 18

My 27 Thanks:

1. It’s Friday.
2. I do my best to protect my Friday, they are my sabbath!
3. When Gary got home from the fire station, he kept Judah busy and let me rest a little longer.
4. We all ate breakfast together.
5. Relaxing mornings.
6. Gray is working hard on leveling out our backyard.
7. I planted  more flowers. I love having my hands in the dirt. 
8. Haley and I laid out on the back porch together and had a nice chat. 
9. Haley had an interview for a job today. She did well and was offered the job on the spot. 
10. I played in the dirt with Judah. He loved having me on the top of the dirt pile with him. 
11. Judah had so much fun getting dirty. He thinks mud is as cool as anything else out there. 
12. The sun in shinning brightly. 
13. The Word of God is living and active!
14. The Word of God is fuel for my life. It feeds my spirit. 
15. Laura helped us out at the last-minute and watched Judah for us so we could go to the ballet.
16. Judah loves getting to go play with his cousins.
17. Our family lives close together.
18. We enjoyed a nice dinner together before the ballet.
19. We had great food and service.
20. Gary found us great parking at the Civic Center.
21. Our seats were awesome. We got perfectly centered seats.
22. Usually, I hate feeling trapped or boxed in-it makes me super anxious. But, I did great tonight and I was surrounded on all sides by people.
23. Gary even goes to ballets with me.
24. We held hands and dosed off a couple of times during the ballet. We are growing old together.
25. I enjoyed a night out with my handsome prince. 
26. Gary and I enjoy just being together. We are easily entertained. 
27. Jesus willingly went to the Cross and took my place! 


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