Selah~Day 342

Thursday, May 1

My 27 Thanks:

1. It’s the start of a brand new month. I love new beginnings.
2. I feel better than I did the day before.
3. Soft Kleenex.
4. Gary made me breakfast this morning. He is so sweet to me.
5. I am so thankful for ears and the ability to hear. My ears are so stopped up, it makes me realize the awesome blessing it is to hear clearly.
6. I have a great car that is super reliable.
7. My car is paid off!
8. I get to work with some pretty cool guys.
9. Mrs. Lori and I finally got to meet and chat. Mrs. Lori is such a blessing to our preschool team!
10. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law finally sold their house!
11. They are moving over to “our” side of the City. I am so excited for them.
12. I live in a convenient area of town.
13. I don’t have to ever drive in traffic.
14. Decaf, hot, lemon tea has been my best friend.
15. Miss Lorry Gail, one of my leaders, got a call for a second interview at a new job. I love when my team excels.
16. Judah got to play with his cousins for a little bit after I got home from work.
17. I rested a little while he went and played. I am hoping rest kicks this cold to the curb!
18. Gary mowed the lawn and it looks lovely!
19. Gary cares about the details.
20. Our neighbors moved in next door. They seem friendly.
21. Their oldest son came over and played with Judah. Judah was so hyped up and thrilled to have a new friend.
22. Judah is turning into a most precious little boy. He is growing up.
23. God’s protection.
24. I had a great chat with my friend Holly. She is well and her decorating business is soaring.
25. Judah learned tonight that he only has two more weeks of school left. You would have thought it was Christmas at our house. He is my little home body.
26. Judah and I enjoyed a bowl of popcorn in bed! We love our popcorn.
27. Jesus wants us to draw near to Him!


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