Selah~Day 343

Friday, May 2

My 27 Thanks:

1. We all slept in. Well, Gary went to the YMCA and worked out at 6:00, but Judah and I slept in.
2. Gary takes great care of himself.
3. My sweet little family had the whole day off together.
4. Gary brought us home donuts. Judah was so excited.
5. We had a peaceful morning at home.
6. The weather was perfect.
7. We went gift shopping together. We have the best of times doing things together. 
8. Judah doesn’t throw fits when we tell him, “no,” to a toy.
9. We enjoyed a nice lunch at McAlisters. 
10. We ran into our friends, Nickie and Angela. It was nice to see them and have a time to chat and catch up. 
11. Outside dining. We love to sit outside and enjoy both our food and spring weather. 
12. Judah loves to eat at the same places that Gary and I love to eat. 
13. We enjoyed a day free from cooking, but still made great food choices. 
14. Our kitchen is clean! 
15. Gary and I always team up to keep our house clean. 
16. Mrs. Sharon, our next door neighbor, brought over more ice cream for Judah. She loves to spoil him. 
17. We got to visit with her and her daughter, Cindy. It is nice meeting new people.
18. Ms. Cindy adopted her sweet daughter Mikayla from China. I love to hear people’s stories of adoption. 
19. Adoption. 
20. We enjoyed family movie night. Judah, Gary, and I love the new movie The Nut Job.
21. Judah loves to laugh.
22. My bed is huge and a perfect place for our family to gather and watch movies.
23. Judah crinkles his nose when he laughs really hard-I absolutely love that.
24. The Lord delights over His kids like I delight over my son, Judah. 
25. My husband and my son love me so much. 
26. I am content. 
27. Jesus is the lover of my soul. 


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