Selah~Day 344

Saturday, May 3rd

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary is back at the fire station, but Judah and I have a super fun day planned for us.
2. I love having fun things to do with my sweet boy. 
3. Invitations.
4. Judah was beyond excited to start the day that was full of birthday party fun. He told us he loves birthday parties!
5. Our first party was to celebrate Aaron and Garrett Johnson. Judah has great friends.
6. We love the Johnson family and are so glad they are in our lives.
7. The party was at Chuck-E-Cheese. Judah loved playing all the games. He grinned from ear to ear and had so much fun.
8.  Social interaction amongst preschoolers is precious.
9. I got to see my sweet friend Amy!
10. Mom Mom invited Judah over to her house before my nieces birthday party. He was so excited to go early.
11. They kept Judah for me and gave me time to go to Rochelle’s baby shower.
12. Rochelle’s shower was awesome. She was blessed with so many goodies for her sweet baby girl.
13. Showers!
14. I love to see people blessing other people.
15. Mom Mom and Pa Pa opened their home to my nieces joint birthday party.
16. It was a fun time for all. The kids had a blast on the giant inflatable slide.
17. Judah played so hard with all his friends.
18. Sunscreen.
19. Watermelon. It is probably God’s favorite fruit!
20. Gentle breeze. The wind was not overwhelming at all.
21. Time with family.
22. When people ask me why I haven’t had another kid yet, and it happens often, I respond with grace and love and not an ounce of pain:)
23. God is a heart healer.
24. It’s a new season in my life. 
25. Gary had an awesome shift.
26. I love holding Judah’s hand. Feeling his little fingers wrapped inside mine is Heavenly.
27. Judah and I had a full, fun day together.


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