Selah~Day 345

Sunday, May 4th

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary always helps me get Judah ready for church.
2. Ms. Rhelda is back in our 5s classroom! She has been out for sometime recovering from back surgery! We are so glad to have her back.
3. Starla and her family are on vacation. It is always nice to have some time away.
4. Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit.
5. The Holy Spirit is our helper. He will help us accomplish the tasks God has played before us.
6. I have the Holy Spirit alive and well in me.
7. Jeremy and Mason were back in the sound booth this morning. I so appreciate their attentiveness to our sound/tech service!
8. Jose, one of my super faithful Kidmin leaders, took the morning off to go to big church with his lovely wife. But, they still came up and said “Hello.” I love Jose and Katy’s hearts for ministry!
9. We had three new leaders in KidMotion this morning!
10. They loved our service and plan to join the team!
11. We hosted a small group training lunch for my K-1st grade leaders. They are such a great group of leaders.
12. Wisdom is in a multitude of counsel.
13. Sharing of ideas and new ways of approaching things.
14. Abby, my Associate, has a degree in education. Her  education in Elementary and Early Childhood development brings great insight to the Kidmin table!
15. Afternoon naps.
16. The weather is absolutely lovely today!
17. Sunshine.
18. I was the Guest Welcome host tonight and had little nervousness. This is huge for me!
19. Pastor Marc preached an awesome message on “Labels” tonight. Gary and I enjoyed the message.
20. The Youth Fine Arts team performed two of their special pieces and it was so good to see!
21. Young people use their talents to glorify The Lord!
22. We haven’t participated in Fine Arts for many years and now we are back in it. Many kids got involved too.
23. Service got out at 7:05! We had time to get dinner and go to the grocery store.
24. My parents are celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary.
25. My parents have weathered many, many storms in their marriage. But, they remained faithful and stayed on the boat. They didn’t abandon ship.
26. Commitment.
27. God honors commitment.


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