Selah~Day 346

Monday, May 5

My 27 Thanks:

1. My job allows me to take Judah to school when needed.
2. Parenting is tough. I am glad that I have a great team-mate, Gary.
3. I was able to hug a friend that needed a hug today and speak words of encouragement to her.
4. God is the God who can restore all things.
5. Forgiveness
6. Brandon, Abby, and I came up with good ideas to promote the Jr. Academy
7. UW Sports Ministry rep, Josh, made a special trip to Crossroads to see me.
8. We are hosting Sports Camp for the 5th year. It is an awesome event!
9. The first year I introduced Sports Camp as a replacement for VBS, I took some heat. I even had one person accuse me of not being interested in teaching kids about Jesus. I am so glad I didn’t get defeated by those comments and moved forward with Sports Camp.
10. Sports Camp is one of the best evangelistic tools we use to reach kids. God can use sports to tell His kids about His word!
11. UW Sports gave me back Amanda Rider as my Head Coach.
12. I fielded a lot of phone call interest concerning the Jr. Academy.
13. Slow and steady proved successful for the tortoise. I believe it is working on my behalf too. 
14. Abby and I shared some honest conversations about life and future. She is a smart girl and knows more about me than I know about myself-ha ha!
15. I had a very productive work day.
16. Mom Mom picked up Judah from school for me. This act of kindness gave me more hours to work without interruptions.
17. When I picked up Judah, he was having fun with his cousins digging in the garden.
18. We decided to stay and visit a while and enjoy the beautiful Spring weather.
19. Porch Swings and shade trees.
20. Mom Moms leftovers made for a great, easy dinner.
21. I loved watching the kids play in Pa Pa’s sprinkler. The laughter of children warms my heart. 
22. I love visiting with my in-laws.
23. Gary’s family accepts me as their own. So good to me.
24. Gary’s family is very affection. They always hug goodbye and say, “I love you.”
25. Judah and I snuggled in bed and watched OSO Bear. I love my evening snuggles with Judah. 
26. Jesus loves me this I know. 
27. The Bible reminds me of these most beautiful truths. 


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