Selah~Day 347

Tuesday, May 6

My 27 Thanks:

1. The Word of God does not return void!
2. The Word of God is living and active.
3. The Word of God brings power in my life.
4. At a young age, my mom taught me how to pray the Word of God in my life.
5. We talked about the importance of guarding our hearts in staff chapel. Good teaching.
6.  The Bible gives us clear Instruction to help us live a life free from the devils entanglements.
7. All staff meeting=more time to work.
8. We prayed together as a team for another church who is going through a tough time.
9. We are all one body of Jesus Christ-all on the same team!
10. I love seeing groups come together in times of need and crisis. We were created to need one another.
11. The local church is the hope of the world.
12. What the devil means for bad, God can turn around and use for good.
13. Gary and I are both aware of the attacks against marriage. So, we work hard to safeguard our most precious covenant.
14. Pastor Marc completed all the graphic designs for me on Sports Camp. I am so thankful for his help!
15. Our new visual media director, Arlis, has worked so hard at learning our equipment so he could help me finish some media projects!
16. Arlis is on our team. I  am so excited to have his skill and talent and heart on our team.
17. You don’t necessarily need to be a genius in order to succeed-hard work gets you there too!
18. My little buddy, Peyton, got her big, bright green cast off. She is healing up so well. 
19. Peyton and the whole Stimson family are such fun friends in our lives. 
20. Gary grilled steaks tonight!
21. My sweet grandma bought us our amazing grill as a wedding present almost 10 years ago. She loved giving gifts-our grill is a good one!
22. Judah loves his new pool and I love watching him play in it. I remember playing in water as a kid and it didn’t matter how cold the water was-we still wanted to play in it. Now, I need the water to be at least 88 degrees!
23. I love quiet evenings at home with my family. 
24. My trust is in the Lord. 
25. I don’t have to lean upon my own understandings. 
26. The Lord directs my path. 
27. Peace. 


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