Selah~Day 349

Thursday, May 8

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary is home from the fire station and he made me eggs for breakfast.
2. Gary loves to cook breakfast and he is so good at it.
3. Thursdays are my Fridays! I love the end of the week.
4. Gary has the whole weekend off work.
5. I am so amazed by my son’s skill with numbers. He loves numbers and recognizes them wherever we go.
6. We speak amazing promises over Judah’s life.
7. I met the kindest Asian man who came into the church today to sign up his son for our K4 program. I love working with kind people. 
8. Gary and Judah came and took me to lunch. We had lunch outside again. It’s one of our favorite things to do.
9. Gary drove me around to 6 Moore schools so I could drop off Sports Camp flyers. It was so much quicker to not have to stop and park.
10. Time saving help!
11. Gary helped me clean up the game side of Kidmotion and hang a banner.
12. Debby and JaQuisha threw a Mother’s Day party for the staff kid’s moms.
13. They invested their own money to make a really special brunch happen for the moms and kiddos.
14. They helped the kids make the cutest flower pots with hand prints! I love mine. Judah wants to plant a sunflower in it.
15. Handprint crafts. I LOVE keepsake items with Judah’s handprints.
16. Pinterest.
17. Creativity.
18. I am much more sentimental now that I am a mom.
19. Gary and I enjoyed dinner and a movie in the Director’s Suite at Moore Warren.
20. Date Nights.
21. Madi and Molly came over to watch Judah.
22. Judah LOVES when they come over. They invest so much quality time into Judah.
23. Madi and Molly fed Judah dinner and give him a bath! Gary and I got a full night of bedtime routine activity off.
24. You can put on the full armor of God.
25. God has given you everything you need to defeat the devil and his schemes of evil against you.
26. I am an overcomer.
27. God is on my side.


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