Selah~Day 350

Friday, May 9

My 27 Thanks:

1. We slept in. I love simple mornings.
2. Road trips.
3. It just seems okay to eat junk food when you are on the road. Judah and I packed an awesome snack bag for our trip.
4. We pray together before we go on any trip.
5. God sends His Angels to be charged about us.
6. Divine protection.
7. Gary always drives and I let him. I love being the passenger.
8. We went shopping together for Mother’s Day gifts. I found the perfume that both my mom and I want. It smells so good.
9. My parents live 2 hours closer to the City. A 2.5 hour drive is so much better than 4+.
10. Car rides lend great opportunities for in-depth conversation.
11. Gary is a great listener.
12. The Arbuckle Mountains are just a small taste of God’s amazing creation. When driving through them today, I was reminded about the majesty of my God. 
13. Gary doesn’t mind stopping multiple times for my “tiny tank” problem!
14. Judah was so excited to get to Nona’s and Pa-pa’s. He kept asking the age-old questions, “are we there yet?” And, “how much longer?”
15. Gary and I hold hands while driving in the car. I never knew how important this simple form of physical touch would be in a relationship. I love having my hand in his-I feel safe! 
16. I can trust Gary completely. He is such a caring man. 
17. My mom and dad grilled out for us. It was so yummy and so nice to eat on their back patio.
18. My mom bought Judah a slip-n-slide. He had so much fun playing on it.
19. My dad let my mom setup a slip-n-slide on his most treasured lawn! It was awesome.
20. Haley was really glad that we traveled down for her college graduation.
21. Accomplishments.
22. My mom is a great host. She always prepares a nice stay for us.
23. She made us a very yummy strawberry shortcake. We always eat well and healthy when there.
24. Family.
25. We shared so many moments of grand laughter. 
26. My mom is usually the source of most of the laughter. She is such a funny lady. I am glad she is a good sport. 
27. Laughter. 


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