Selah~Day 351

Saturday, May 10

My 27 Thanks:

1. My baby sister graduated from college today.
2. She graduated with honors. I am so proud of her hard work and her involvement in school.  
3. Gary was off work and our little family was able to travel to Durant to be a part of it and show her our support.
4. The graduation was outside, even though it was hot, it didn’t rain.
5. We found one spot of shade in the entire football arena to sit.
6. Many people migrated to our grassy knoll. We had a nice visit with strangers from both Oklahoma and Texas. 
7. I love hearing the stories of other people. 
8. All four Ellison kids are out of college.
9. We all completed a bachelor degree program and graduated with honors.
10. Hard work and dedication pays off. 
11. We celebrated Haley with lunch at Ceviches’ Mexican restaurant. It was our first time there. 
12. Great food and great service.
13. My parents paid for our lunch.
14. We got to visit for a while before heading back home.
15. Car rides make for good, uninterrupted conversations. Gary and I sure did enjoy our conversation time. 
16. We splurged on Starbucks.
17. Judah thinks in patterns. He is so aware of his surroundings and loves to pick out color patterns, shape patterns, etc…I love watching him learn. 
18. We made it home safely.
19. Gary helped his parents till their garden.
20. We found baby rabbits in their garden. There were 4 of them and they stayed tightly snuggled together. Creation is so amazing. 
21. I waited to long to eat dinner and I got really sick. So, Laura ran to the Chinese restaurant and picked up food for me.
22. Judah and his cousins played in the freshly tilled dirt. They buried themselves and had a great time.
23. Gary and his dad had a great conversation about life. Gary always feels refreshed after sharing some time and talks with his dad. 
24. My in-laws decided to go ahead and have a full garden this year!
25. They share their garden goodies with us!
26. Non-GMO food.
27. Saturdays. God created them for a special purpose.


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