Selah~Day 352

Sunday, May 11

My 27 Thanks:

1. Today is set aside to celebrate moms. I think Moms deserve a special day!
2. I was blessed with the best mom. She is loving and kind and passionate and so giving.
3. My mom and I are now good friends-we like each other.
4. I am a mom!
5. Judah makes me feel like the best, most special mom in all the world.
6. He gave me so many sweet goodies with either his sweet picture on it or his precious handprints!
7. I had a fully staffed kids church team on Mother’s Day Sunday!
8. The mom’s loved the sweet Mother’s Day crafts we had the kids make for them.
9. Judah was so proud of the necklace he made me. He wanted me to wear it all day-I did!
10. Gary made a nice lunch for me.
11. He did all the cleanup too.
12. I actually took a Sunday afternoon nap.
13. Gary made a run to the grocery store to get dessert.
14. Crest is right by our house.
15. I feel special everyday, not just on Mother’s Day.
16. Judah has two amazing grandmas in his life.
17. Gary’s mom is wonderful. Such a beautiful example of gentleness, care, and selflessness.
18. Gary is just like his mom.
19. Gary’s mom treats me just like her own daughter.
20. Gary’s parents came over to enjoy dessert with us.
21. It was so nice to have the evening available to enjoy with them.
22. Apple cobbler and blue bell vanilla!
23. Baggy pants.
24. Quiet, peaceful evenings.
25. I listened to Judah tell Gary what to write in my final Mother’s Day card. It was a super sweet ending to the night.
26. Judah boves me berry berry berry much!
27. As I was leaving church today, a parent stopped me on my way out the door. He wanted to thank me for the impact Kidz Ministry has had on his entire family. He told me there was a time when he no longer wanted to go to church, but his son’s love for kids church kept him in the game! Now, they are all an active, thriving part of our church body. 


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